I'm an Entrepreneur, Designer and Investor based in India. I’ve spent the last ten years working with startups across India and the US.

I'm currently working on an exciting new project, you can see more below!

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Project 1828

Attention Full Stack Engineers!

I'm putting together a team for my new startup. We are building a highly impactful new product that has the potential to redefine the rules of a large global industry that has been impacted by COVID. We are a small team of product builders, advised by some of the best in the industry. We’re deep in product development and looking for more engineers to help us scale.

Hiring: 1 Front End Engineer (React)

**Job Descriptions** | Apply

Updated: October 2020


I've invested in over 20 companies in the last 6 years, both individually as an Angel Investor and as a VC on behalf of TVentures and 500 Startups. This includes companies like Blue Tokai* ClassPlus, Clinikk, Instamojo, & Pocket.FM, to name a few.

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